Kids Decide Who Gets $1000 Is Very Cringe...


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  • gingerbread 31
    gingerbread 318 minutter siden

    “NINA NINA NINA NINA” Omg I’m dying 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Sharpness
    Sharpness27 minutter siden


  • hori
    hori45 minutter siden

    nah nah nina and the girl who voted herself out were both the most mature, ken just admit you have sumn against nina and like fish girl 🤣 you reading too much into nina, fish girl was just a bitch

  • adam
    adam58 minutter siden

    Cinnamon toast Ken finding kids attractive⁉️

  • Vijaya Patil
    Vijaya PatilTime siden

    LMAO the dude in the top right looks like the mc sapnap skin and his white shirt says TOMMY

  • Alex Kurtz
    Alex KurtzTime siden

    People have to drive in America. I live in a fairly urban area and I still couldn't get anywhere by bike.

  • e s
    e sTime siden

    You've got to be like rich rich to own a car as a secondary school student in the EU or UK but I think in America it's a lot more common for high school students to have cars. It's good to see Felix not go in on these kids like a lot of people are. At the end of the day, they're kids. Jordyn was 14 in this video and she's getting death threats over this. We were all fucking annoying and stupid at 14, come on now.

  • 1MMUN3
    1MMUN3Time siden

    The kids in here are more mature than the adult video

  • Addixctゴミ
    AddixctゴミTime siden

    8:46 struggle, grind, shine.

  • sergio perez
    sergio perezTime siden

    I like how they are grown men and still complain about high school

  • Rajeesha Shakya
    Rajeesha ShakyaTime siden

    Jordyn girl! what did she learn from Buddhism her sentences don't add up

  • Jus JJay
    Jus JJay2 timer siden

    In middle school, I was actually in an area where school busses didn’t come either. I thought it was weird since the school wasn’t even that far. I feel her on that because I grew up poor af and my mom had to pay someone to take me to school and pick me up from it.

  • meowingduck
    meowingduck2 timer siden

    i feel bad to kalid lmao he look the least rich the most

  • Paoloh
    Paoloh2 timer siden

    I'm quite privileged myself, because I have a nice family with a good income and I live in one of the best countries in the world, but why the fuck did they pick these kids. They are clearly privileged as hell and none of them seems to have financial problems. They should have picked out people who actually needed the fucking money.

  • ashy
    ashy2 timer siden

    Pewds: 28:39 "Looks like we got Mr. Struggles here."

  • Shozzi Gang
    Shozzi Gang2 timer siden

    Felix:THEY ALL HAVE CARS Me: *15 with a camaro* 🥴

    JUST FOR YOU2 timer siden

    I could use the money for a heist.

  • Mahsa Jacky
    Mahsa Jacky2 timer siden


  • Evendyce
    Evendyce2 timer siden

    (8:59) Can any Americans here answer this please; as a (rough) Percentage, how many of the Schools there have Buses that collect and drop off students? Asking, because where i'm at... that doesn't exist, unless it's a school for those with disabilities.

  • ashy
    ashy2 timer siden

    "Imma be hella mean"

  • ashy
    ashy2 timer siden

    I would've just said that my dog has *ass cancer.*

  • Anees-Ahmad Jaffer
    Anees-Ahmad Jaffer3 timer siden

    20:42 as Ken and I exclaimed "Jesus Christ" in unison

  • Ramon609
    Ramon6093 timer siden

    At the very least rich boy over there didn't get the $1000 because he clearly does not need it also.. you be complaining about a 40 minute cycle? Man.. these Dutch legs will crush y'all because i be going through any weather condition on MY bicycle and travel for an hour+ to the location i need to go and then travel back home! y'all are *WEAK!*

  • Remy Sawyer is kinda hot ngl
    Remy Sawyer is kinda hot ngl3 timer siden


  • Marliemac
    Marliemac3 timer siden

    If their parents can buy them Gucci, 1k is nothing

  • J Smith
    J Smith3 timer siden

    I needed to come here after watching the most enraging 7 stranger $1000 vid...

  • Mouavek One Two Three
    Mouavek One Two Three3 timer siden

    I feel like his friend is helping him become more vigorous and funny

  • Sean Abranilla
    Sean Abranilla3 timer siden

    I mean if they wanted to just play games to get money, they could've just *split* it lmao

  • Ristian Dale Sumala
    Ristian Dale Sumala3 timer siden

    Invest it in stocks and split the revenue.

  • SmolCorax
    SmolCorax3 timer siden

    Half of my schooling was walking to school, the other half was riding a bus full of eshays

  • James Gumbley
    James Gumbley3 timer siden

    Felix really went modern day problems require modern day solutions

  • Abigail Martinez
    Abigail Martinez3 timer siden

    I’m getting 2nd hand embarrassment

  • Denis Baiguskarov
    Denis Baiguskarov3 timer siden

    You can just buy a bike! - Pewds who lived right in the centre of Gothenburg

  • Denis Baiguskarov
    Denis Baiguskarov3 timer siden

    Shoutout to my fellow Piaggio Ciao peeps!

  • Sir Admin
    Sir Admin4 timer siden

    Bruh the marine biologist girl is stupid. I do this 10 times a day. Falls THIS IS UNFAIR!

  • Frost Company
    Frost Company4 timer siden

    In the Netherlands everybody uses a bicycle to go to school, average ride: 45 min.

  • Constance Brown
    Constance Brown4 timer siden

    The marine biologist girl was salty though

  • Marie
    Marie4 timer siden

    Why is felix so nice omg i love him

  • הדר טודר
    הדר טודר4 timer siden

    29:35 that's where i live bro!

    ZACK POWER4 timer siden

    Ken kinda pissed me off

  • Hax
    Hax5 timer siden

    Commenting on every video on NOprojects #34

  • Treqrs
    Treqrs5 timer siden

    Literally just say that you'll donate the money to BLM or something and then if they vote you out they'll get flamed in the comments lmao

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    4 timer siden

    Alternate title: highschool in a nutshell

    BULL DOG5 timer siden

    I had to scale a 130° hill five days a week to get to the school.

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    4 timer siden

    In videos like these, if you're the person who wins the money that pretty much means you're the worst person there

  • FavJam
    FavJam5 timer siden

    Watch Cody Ko’s reaction to the video. It’s gold 😂

  • Jonathan Cervantes
    Jonathan Cervantes5 timer siden

    those kids are definitely all freshman😭

  • Andrew Bui

    Andrew Bui

    5 timer siden

    I think so

  • ElizaPancakes
    ElizaPancakes5 timer siden

    I don't know I don't get why Nina is perceived as manipulative....

  • Andrew Bui
    Andrew Bui5 timer siden

    Why is there like no views

  • Drying Pan Man
    Drying Pan Man5 timer siden


  • Emma Bentley
    Emma Bentley6 timer siden

    Oop they turned off the comments on the video 👁👄👁

  • Ömercan AŞIK
    Ömercan AŞIK6 timer siden

    The hell- how the hell those children are so rich and still think they deserve that much money??

  • ni6hant
    ni6hant6 timer siden

    $1000 can buy 20 decent city bicycles in India. Everyone would had got one and for 14 more people. Or they could have all got better operated bikes atleast 4. But the best way to choose was to give someone money who can make that $1000 quickly.

  • Mizz_Kitten
    Mizz_Kitten6 timer siden

    I think something is a bit different about fish girl. I mean this with no hate Edit: I think she is getting TOO much hate

  • Ronan
    Ronan7 timer siden

    Black kid deserved it the most. Asian dude stayed wayyyy too long.

  • Wallace Teddy
    Wallace Teddy7 timer siden

    I honestly feel kinda bad for Jordyn, she is gonna have the reputation of “fish girl” for quite a while.

  • Иван Влог
    Иван Влог7 timer siden

    Why is this Bahamas boy so angry

  • Kysrei
    Kysrei7 timer siden

    pov: you’re looking for the person in Kansas

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear8 timer siden

    I mean, if you're gonna be biking for 40 minutes you're going to want an expensive bike because a cheap bike could be really uncomfortable for that long

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear8 timer siden

    In videos like these, if you're the person who wins the money that pretty much means you're the worst person there

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear8 timer siden

    Alternate title: highschool in a nutshell

  • Mothra
    Mothra8 timer siden

    watching pewdiepie mentally beat uo teenagers is all the humor we need in this dieing age.

  • Kevin Clause4p55p
    Kevin Clause4p55p8 timer siden

    The last 2 girls I expected would suggest a 50 50 split.

  • The Wonderful World of Suit
    The Wonderful World of Suit8 timer siden

    “If you want to be the leader just talk a lot” Why didn’t this work for me!

  • Angelika John
    Angelika John8 timer siden

    how do they not notice the kid is wearing balenicagas lol

  • You are Mad
    You are Mad9 timer siden

    These kids are the ones with rich parents who scream acab blm and eat the rich lmaooooooooo

  • B.E.Z
    B.E.Z9 timer siden

    I biked 35 minutes to school for 4 years

  • Marvinsaint Nasis R. Siarot
    Marvinsaint Nasis R. Siarot9 timer siden

    17:08 laughed way so hard

  • Roger C
    Roger C9 timer siden

    The stupid elizabeth randomly dislike because distributor consquentially squeeze a a permissible firewall. , equal knot

  • Mephisto
    Mephisto9 timer siden

    If I was in high school fish girl would be my best friend

  • Daan Vrolijk
    Daan Vrolijk9 timer siden

    30:28 me who bikes 45 minutes to school every day :|

  • Mitch Baker
    Mitch Baker9 timer siden

    I Live in Kansas, even with the small towns, there is always transportation.

  • Febri Azrian
    Febri Azrian9 timer siden

    Is that kid Bertholdt Hoover?

  • Doveranalyst
    Doveranalyst9 timer siden

    Everybody: 1000 dollars! Me: the fact that ₹70,000 can buy someone a car. Like what?

  • Zachary Phillips
    Zachary Phillips10 timer siden

    This video is basically just Ken pressuring Felix into bullying kids

  • jydeosaure
    jydeosaure10 timer siden

    The teens were so much more civil than the millenials in the other one, that video made me feel like i got hit by a bus with tires made of bees and 10 000 pounds worth of gorilias inside weighing the bud down

  • Panda
    Panda10 timer siden

    where are these high schoolers from lmfao

  • bruh meme
    bruh meme10 timer siden


  • Nathan Trepanier
    Nathan Trepanier10 timer siden

    A few steps to win this: gather the group of three of the least "dressed up" people, or the unpopular looking people. The tree remaining people on the couch and the belt guy may need to be avoided. look for the people with less leadership skills. Then, tell them AWAY from the group that if they band together, they can receive the money and then send a fraction of it to the rest of the people in the group after they win it. Test the group for trustworthiness by having everyone vote for one person in the group. The most trustworthy person gets the money. once they have been selected for the money, then give them mail info on the cards they got for the octopus drawing and have the most trustworthy kid send $250 to everyone else who was in the group

  • Nathan Trepanier

    Nathan Trepanier

    10 timer siden

    Basically, make sure one person gets the $1000 dollars and then have them mail $250 to three other people who agreed to get them to win. Because you will have four people, you will have a majority and then you will be able to control the group. Make sure the person who gets the money is considered trustworthy by each person in the group. This process may be averted if you simply convince them that joining forces is the easiest way to win.

  • Ai4 mx
    Ai4 mx11 timer siden

    She says she loves water and stuff then drinks a fishes home

  • Gumbeau 69
    Gumbeau 6911 timer siden

    My dad has Alzheimer’s give me money

  • Dope
    Dope11 timer siden

    If I don’t subscribe to me your lame

  • Kia
    Kia11 timer siden

    They were more mature than the adults tho

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia12 timer siden

    The periodic shoemaker cranially stamp because emery roughly scream plus a stormy millisecond. annoying, godly whistle

  • Benjamin Hays
    Benjamin Hays12 timer siden

    What’s the girl on the right’s @ tho?

  • Benjamin Silva Quiñónez
    Benjamin Silva Quiñónez12 timer siden

    Did you notice that the video has been cute since it first released?

  • Mayø 15
    Mayø 1512 timer siden

    After watching the most annoying video on the internet, it's crazy how much more sophisticated they are then the adults.

  • no.
    no.12 timer siden

    Jordyn reminds me of a friend I used to have and she was literally so manipulative so... literally the same mannerisms and everything lmao

  • Shani Pottinger
    Shani Pottinger12 timer siden

    Here's a fact: The comment section was turned off after a lot of mean comments about Jordyn. It was so bad that people started making memes of her.

  • Jeboris Pegasus

    Jeboris Pegasus

    8 timer siden


  • thamesi
    thamesi12 timer siden

    Ah yes, the high school bully squad.

  • OConnor
    OConnor12 timer siden

    Her biek ride would be 20-25 min, so shes scammer

  • Nightlock
    Nightlock13 timer siden

    I have way more respect for these children after a certain video

  • Nick Intraversato
    Nick Intraversato13 timer siden

    Bro Ken is stone cold and I love it 😂

  • Greatz
    Greatz13 timer siden

    Sounds like a mrbeast challenge

  • Adrian Payne
    Adrian Payne13 timer siden

    I thought this was a CodyKo video

  • ##################
    ##################13 timer siden

    ken "just talk as much as you can you might be annoying" Me "that's literally me"

  • Rob N
    Rob N13 timer siden

    I do not like cinnamon toast ken.

  • A Doctor
    A Doctor13 timer siden

    i literally died at "can i quiz you on ocean facts?"

  • Nathan McClay
    Nathan McClay13 timer siden

    Pewds: I want to read the comments so badly Me: me tooooo Also me: WAIT THERES COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO

  • Lava0829
    Lava082913 timer siden

    nina Nina NINA

  • The Spirit
    The Spirit14 timer siden

    Felix based on the Alyx

  • StickyRice43
    StickyRice4314 timer siden

    I'm DYING at how different they viewed the two last girls 😆 I definitely used to feel how Pewds felt but the other person was making a lotta good points, maybe the girl on the right really do be plotting 😆