Americas Cheapest Family...


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  • Chonic
    Chonic8 minutter siden

    But.. why do they need a new house.. i don't get it.

  • Petar Nikolaev
    Petar Nikolaev20 minutter siden


  • vihanga thathsara
    vihanga thathsara25 minutter siden

    ‌isn't that minimalisam ;) ?

  • tanjiro kamado
    tanjiro kamado34 minutter siden

    Technoblade and dream are Minecraft kings but.... PewDiePie is roaster king!!!!

  • ShangHai
    ShangHai56 minutter siden


  • Theokaj
    TheokajTime siden

    Felix got a nosebleed

  • Adam Janeka
    Adam Janeka2 timer siden

    Please don’t tell me you don’t thing this is all scripted ? Omg

  • Fahd Uddin
    Fahd Uddin2 timer siden

    Lol desi parents had more than that Lol

  • Hjominbonrun
    Hjominbonrun3 timer siden

    Keep hearing Lord small ball.

  • MJ Avanzado
    MJ Avanzado3 timer siden


  • Veronica E
    Veronica E3 timer siden

    They could've just rented at carpet cleaner and the carpet would've been 10 times better because I bet you that their carpet had at least a decade of grime in it!

  • Aidenplays4life
    Aidenplays4life3 timer siden

    Homeless people are living better than this

  • adan abedin
    adan abedin4 timer siden

    Dude they are the worst family

  • Samuel Sunday
    Samuel Sunday4 timer siden

    Lorksh moe-byle

  • Brandon Aguirre
    Brandon Aguirre4 timer siden

    Those poor kids..

  • fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh

    3 timer siden

    Like these peoples lifestyles are unhealthy.

    KEVIN4 timer siden

    3:35 me who watches his video at 2x speed 😁

  • fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh

    3 timer siden

    items, it’s just when you go to walmart or something for groceries and and decide to go to the clothes isle and buy some unnecessary clothes when you have plenty. That can

  • Blu Jay
    Blu Jay5 timer siden

    their living room is what my first house looked like when i first played the sims

  • thebellafonte
    thebellafonte5 timer siden

    Potential savings garnered from continued use of busted cookware: +$50 Biannual emergency room bill for third degree grease burns: -$5,000

  • RudyApples
    RudyApples5 timer siden

    just frekin buy second-hand stuff

  • Aware_Adept yt
    Aware_Adept yt5 timer siden

    It’s funny how all these NOprojectsrs try promoting Buh no acc never plays neither do they

  • RudyApples
    RudyApples6 timer siden

    bruh, loads of American families are homeless, so this is like... bruh

  • s d
    s d6 timer siden

    love the haikyu opening

  • Subhas Kar
    Subhas Kar6 timer siden

    In american they use Range, We use Sarashi

  • Fordawinman
    Fordawinman7 timer siden

    Ah the last cocomelon intro

  • Smither Sink
    Smither Sink7 timer siden

    It would be infinitely more respectable for these people to be obsessed with making money rather than saving it. At a certain point being overly frugal is just being petty. It looks kinda sad.

  • Itsallawesome
    Itsallawesome7 timer siden

    This is straight up poverty mindset

  • Christian Morel
    Christian Morel7 timer siden

    14:40 his reaction was the funniest 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Olivia C
    Olivia C8 timer siden

    When they die they’ll have an at home burial because it’s cheaper😃

  • Olivia C
    Olivia C8 timer siden

    Imagine growing up like this, feeling guilty for using too much soap or pouring too much cereal. And just so your parents can get some weird gratification. Trashy

  • Lauren Richards
    Lauren Richards8 timer siden

    You know I understand the prospect of living as cheap as you can. But don’t cross that one boundary where it goes from a good way of staying to cheap to really bad. Like the shower head thing. I understand staying cheap my family is like that, but we got new shower heads because ours were starting to get older, and we got a new toilet because our one before was kind of short and was broken a little bit, we definitely have a normal house with furniture and proper kitchenware. You don’t need to live crazy cheap on those items, it’s just when you go to walmart or something for groceries and and decide to go to the clothes isle and buy some unnecessary clothes when you have plenty. That can be left out. Or if in food isles and you get mindless amounts of snacks. In the extras department of things, saving is a good thing, but not when it comes to how healthily you live. Like these peoples lifestyles are unhealthy.

  • Lauren Richards
    Lauren Richards8 timer siden

    10:38, you cannot tell me they are the cheapest family if they drive a legit Volvo, come one, Volvo’s are a more expensive brand to buy in a car. LIES. They aren’t the cheapest family they can’t be with a car like that, unless they practically stole it with a too good of a deal.

  • Sam Cuber
    Sam Cuber8 timer siden

    NICE !!!!!!!!

  • Jack Games
    Jack Games8 timer siden

    very good!!!!!

  • Riverbend1792
    Riverbend17928 timer siden

    Why do they even want a bigger house in the first place if they're living this cheap? Why not downsize?

  • purev baatar
    purev baatar8 timer siden

    In the countryside in mongolia you see sheep, cows and goats getting butchered very often.

  • Squid MC
    Squid MC8 timer siden

    All these cheap family's live in big houses like wat

  • the last one standing
    the last one standing9 timer siden

    The husband looks like he will reuse a stained toilet paper

  • Spider!
    Spider!9 timer siden

    Inspiring.. The Intro Shows Your Hate For Cocomelon good man Good Man..

  • Gallo The Cock ina Sock
    Gallo The Cock ina Sock9 timer siden

    Pewdiepie: I want chickens Me: *surprised happy chicken face*

    SPITFIRE 249 timer siden

    Death Vader be like...(14:42)

  • guac- mulah
    guac- mulah10 timer siden

    they all have big ass houses...

  • Jessica Skeen
    Jessica Skeen10 timer siden


    ISITEVENWORTHIT10 timer siden

    That is really gross I stopped watching after that pool part

  • Haley Johnson
    Haley Johnson11 timer siden

    you can buy a shower head for $20...why tf would you use a BOTTLE?

  • DV0UR
    DV0UR11 timer siden

    The intro gets better and better

  • Hollow One
    Hollow One11 timer siden

    these videos pewdiepie reacts to are so annoying and cringe, but he makes them so funny to watch

  • Samuel Robles
    Samuel Robles11 timer siden

    That fuckin intro is cool tho

  • thamesi
    thamesi11 timer siden

    17:37 She rations TOILET PAPER.

  • Jacob McMurray
    Jacob McMurray12 timer siden

    Ok adds like this i would watch

  • Alex With An X
    Alex With An X12 timer siden

    Haikyuu haikyuu haikyuu

  • Maple 285
    Maple 28512 timer siden

    Felix big smart 20:05

  • SavageBroccoli
    SavageBroccoli12 timer siden

    Being that cheap all the time wouldn’t u have money saved up

  • Leo Neer
    Leo Neer12 timer siden

    what do you need money for if not to give your kids a fulfilling childhood?

  • Stefan Wayand
    Stefan Wayand12 timer siden

    When the kid eating dry Cheerios moves out, I doubt he'll call his mother evence before she eventually gets old and dies lmfao

  • Cowboy Bebop
    Cowboy Bebop12 timer siden

    This is so stupid they would save money down the line by replacing things instead of trying to make quick fixes that barely work

  • Adrien Lee
    Adrien Lee12 timer siden

    “ living room furniture can cost up to $10-20,000“ In what a fucking universe is furniture for one room that expensive.

  • Flem J
    Flem J13 timer siden

    19:19 - Mrs. Krabs, cheap af

  • random weird YouTube channel
    random weird YouTube channel13 timer siden

    i understand cheaping out but this is just crazy

  • acidbath32
    acidbath3213 timer siden

    you can't starve your kids and say that your cheap it doesn't work like that

  • Jay Lovett
    Jay Lovett13 timer siden

    That should be child abuse

  • C Asbury
    C Asbury13 timer siden

    Spend the money & increase your quality of life.

  • Gigi&Genny
    Gigi&Genny14 timer siden

    2:56 video starts

  • Magic Aces
    Magic Aces14 timer siden

    16:40 Dream: Minecraft Death Swap

  • FBI
    FBI14 timer siden

    Why do they always have a big house yet they are so cheap

  • Codename Mango
    Codename Mango14 timer siden

    You know that they don't go to the doctor too. They treat everything at home in the cheapest way possible: Ignore the issue until it goes away or becomes impossible to live with.

  • Codename Mango
    Codename Mango14 timer siden

    Those kids are going to resent the parents for the rest of their lives and they deserve it.

  • Eventfultwo
    Eventfultwo14 timer siden

    16:50 pewdiepie watches dream

  • TT SS
    TT SS14 timer siden

    i live in a third world country but we're not this filthy

  • CarieJaneforJesus
    CarieJaneforJesus14 timer siden

    Just pay $100 to have the carpets cleaned...

  • Another_ Internet_Crusader
    Another_ Internet_Crusader14 timer siden

    Imagine the ductape bill

  • Joshua Cortes
    Joshua Cortes14 timer siden

    They're simpletons

  • Jas D
    Jas D15 timer siden

    This is what happens when money becomes THE most important thing in your sad for the kids...

  • Pedro G.
    Pedro G.15 timer siden

    Damned... The pub for the game is beyond cringe.

  • SAY UNCLE!!!
    SAY UNCLE!!!15 timer siden

    The man invented vice grips? Why are they worried about money?

  • Matt Palmer
    Matt Palmer15 timer siden

    Did he watch the potato war?

  • Irena
    Irena15 timer siden

    the haikyuu inspired intro is the reason why we should all worship pewds xd

  • Liz Niel
    Liz Niel15 timer siden


  • Galaxii Mutt
    Galaxii Mutt15 timer siden

    There’s literally no need to be so cheap. Places like home goods, tjmaxx, Marshall’s, etc have really nice furniture for cheap. Even Facebook marketplace you can buy things almost new or even brand new for cheap 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s literally how I paid for my apartment furniture

  • Rydog707
    Rydog70715 timer siden

    The fakest sponsor I ever seen

  • postcation
    postcation16 timer siden

    Homeles family is cheaper than this🙃

  • rcamp
    rcamp16 timer siden

    What camera do you use? Holy shiiiit, that be so clear @pewdiepie

  • Jacob Perdue
    Jacob Perdue16 timer siden

    The carpet guy is my dad this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever watched on you tube never thought I’d see him in this channel wtf

  • Shaun Designs
    Shaun Designs16 timer siden

    Man looks like Wreck it Ralph hahaha

  • Wesleer47
    Wesleer4716 timer siden

    Go to a thrift store and get a couch for like 20$ or people litterly throw out couches all the time

  • Firefly miesumae
    Firefly miesumae16 timer siden

    There's a difference between cheap and crappy. You can be cheap without keeping yourself disgusting

  • Dominica.Mariani
    Dominica.Mariani16 timer siden

    The way he laughed at the little girl crying I can’t I can’t 🤣😭

  • McKenna Revis
    McKenna Revis16 timer siden

    omaha carpet cleaners would be disapointed in the lack of knowledge on patch work

  • Leira Whitehart
    Leira Whitehart17 timer siden

    These people just remind me about that Sam O'Nilla video about the cheapest man in history.

  • Kapil Prajapati
    Kapil Prajapati17 timer siden

    Instead of wasting that much time in saving (in worst ways possible), try to earn money

  • Snap Cartoon
    Snap Cartoon17 timer siden


  • BrightLikeSnow
    BrightLikeSnow17 timer siden

    When I saw the shower head I was just trying to go yey some food, boy that shower head. Now I think I need to relax my head and fix there shower head!

  • Deliscum
    Deliscum17 timer siden

    I wouldve bought the house for a reasonable price and fixed everything myself when I moved they dont need to get furniture cause I gots some

  • Daniel Chez
    Daniel Chez17 timer siden

    i was just regected by my crush and now im just watching Pewds mood got a little better

  • Omair Bend
    Omair Bend17 timer siden

    2:58 in when the video actually starts

  • Lydia Haycock
    Lydia Haycock17 timer siden

    My boi shawn really just 5 minute crafted that shower head LMAO

  • Matthew Rutter
    Matthew Rutter17 timer siden

    Who doesn't buy a new shower head? They don't cost much. Why would you put up with having a terrible shower just to save a couple of dollars?

  • Grettsum
    Grettsum18 timer siden

    Ngl, having chickens is a pretty legit money saver if you eat eggs every day.

  • The 412 Devil
    The 412 Devil18 timer siden

    3 min ad intro ok

  • Templar Memelord
    Templar Memelord18 timer siden

    Wait does pewdepie live in uk?

  • sAlv1StaTuZzz
    sAlv1StaTuZzz18 timer siden

    Dude just look at her swag! Like who tf wears That!